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Trends for 2013: Evolution of cross channel marketing

In 2013 we’re seeing the maturation and evolution of new forms of communication: the integration of three trends, to create a richer, differentiating, relationship with brands.

  1. Gamification – encouraging a closer relationship with customers by providing rewards for interaction with the Brand.
  2. Content marketing – providing additional material with the goal of building interest, affiliation, trust and purchase. 
  3. Leveraging the second screen –  people are interacting with their smartphones, tablets, etc. while watching TV; advertisers and content providers are feverishly seeking ways to build the brand relationship by engaging multiple screens for a deeper experience.

Here’s a nice example of a content provider doing all three of these, from today’s LA Times, about the new show, Banshee.  Viewers who enter a code that is provided in the opening credits of each show are able to access on their second screens material about the characters and storyline, enriching their Banshee brand experience. This is a tight linkage, goes beyond simply having a multi-channel platform with a twitter feed, a website, etc. 

Caution: In order for this integrated approach to be productive in building your Brand, there has to be compelling reason for your targeted consumers to move across channels, and the experience has to be easy and rewarding for them.  This is where it gets exciting for me – marketing research (UX/SUS, for example) can play a crucial role in optimizing that cross – channel experience. Contact me to continue the conversation!

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