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What We Do

Our research enables you to make savvy, knowledge-based marketing decisions all along the Product Lifecycle Pathway.

Whether your need is to know is what spans nations, or just one store’s trading area, we deliver the answers.

Product Life Cycle

Explore the Cultural Context

Values, Lifestyle
Cultural landscape
Market Structure

Discover Opportunities

Market sizing
Awareness, attitudes & usage
Market segmentation
Target definition
Need-gaps assessment
Customer journey mapping
QFD Gembas

Create Product

Concept screens
Product testing
Product optimization
Name, package evaluation
Claims testing
Positioning development and evaluation

Assess Marketing and Shopper Insights

Brand awareness
Brand imagery, brand equity
Package testing
Advertising development & evaluation
Communication testing
Merchandising evaluation
Pricing research
Line synergy evaluation (TURF)
Test market & roll out evaluation

Drive Performance

Customer loyalty
NPS (Net Promoter Scores)
Customer & employee satisfaction
Root cause analysis
Trial & repeat rates
Store audits
Mergers & acquisitions research