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Time to shape up! How to build your mental strength

warrior poseThe four C’s of mental toughness are control, commitment, challenge, and confidence. Mentally strong people have a sense of empowerment and control over their lives.  They are committed themselves and what they do. They view difficult times as challenges to overcome and have confidence in themselves.  Sounds admirable – but how to get there? Here’s some practical advice to help you become one powerful person!  See Amy Morin’s work, “ 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” for more info.

And here’s something hot off the press from Psychology Today – when you talk to yourself in your head, don’t say “you” – use your name – as in, “Julia, just get this blog written!” – the article tells you why this is so effective in spurring mental strength!

Who’s running this show anyway? Grab control!

  1. “You are not the boss of me!” – Don’t let someone else drive your reactions or emotions.
  2. Exercise control , even if the only thing you can impact right now is your attitude.
  3. Learn from your mistakes, don’t repeat.
  4. The past is past –  don’t linger.  Live in the present, and prepare for your future

Just do it! I wanna commitment

  1. Take the time to weigh risks and benefits logically before making big or risky decisions.
  2. Please oh please do NOT “go with your gut” on the big issues – you’ve got a brain for a reason, use it.
  3. Persevere – know that it takes steady, long, effort to make change happen

Change is inevitable, growth is optional  – embrace the challenge!

  1. Be flexible – strong people know change is inevitable, and that makes it easier to embrace change and adapt.
  2. Life isn’t fair or easy – take responsibility for your life, and forge ahead.  No sense wallowing in self-pity.
  3. Success comes from your own hard work and talent.  Failure is an invitation to grow.

You go, Girl! Confidence is the product of knowing yourself, your strengths, your accomplishments.

  1. Don’t worry. Not everyone will like you, that’s ok.  Be respectful   but don’t waste time trying to make everyone like you, let their negativity slide right off.
  2. Be happy.  Celebrate others’ success – don’t stew in jealousy or envy
  3. Solitude is good for the soul –savor alone time to reflect, to resolve, to restore


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