Download "Top 10 Mistakes in Market Research"


We get it – your career is at stake every time you commission and report a marketing research study.  That’s why we are relentless about the soundness of the work we do for you.

Expert management. Are you worried when your studies are designed by research rookies, people you have to train?

That doesn’t happen here.  You have an expert on your side, tapping  Dr. Nufer’s 20+ years of experience.  Our obsessive attention to the fine points results in robust, replicable, knowledge you can count on.

Reliable data quality. Oh that sinking feeling, when you’ve published results, then find out, whoops, errors!  Worse yet, do you wonder about what you can’t easily check? 

The soundness of data collection is crucial – and hard for clients to see. View our Success Story about test-retest reliability.  Our QA processes are rigorous and effective.

Candid advice. What if we’re not the right partner – or if no research at all is the right answer?

We believe in long term relationships, so we’ll tell you if you can get what you need from existing sources, if there’s a better research partner this time, or if this research just isn’t feasible.