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Charting your Purpose in Life


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Ciao, Amici! A summer in Italy changes one’s perspective – how can one possibly spend time among people who really know how to savor life without asking the big questions…..such as….

“How do I find fulfillment and meaning in life?” It’s a question that the thoughtful person wrestles with, not just in those early 20’s years, but throughout life. Periodically asking yourself “Why am I doing what I’m doing, how am I using this precious gift of life?” is part of the process of crafting a passionate purpose in life. It is a route to not only satisfaction and happiness but a profound sense of fulfillment.

According to Russell Grieger, Ph.D., here’s how to create your passionate purpose in life.

  1. Reflect. Take time to consider the big questions (these are from Dr. Grieger):

“What is the central theme of my life? What do I or could I do that would provide me and others the most value, make the biggest contribution, have the most positive impact? About what am I most enthusiastic? What kind of person would I most like to be?”

  1. Create it. Write a short statement that expresses not just your goals, but the “why” behind those goals. This is your passionate purpose.
  2. Live it. Be purpose-driven but realistic. Figure out how you can integrate your passionate purpose into your life. Find ways to use it in what you do, and how you relate to other people.
  3. Persevere. This is exciting, but it isn’t an easy process: “passion” comes from a Latin word for suffering and endurance. And: “every act of creation is first an act of destruction”. Don’t let your fears or self-expectations keep you from charting a bold new course as you move through life.
  4. Keep an open mind. Your passionate purpose will change over time. As you evolve, what was right earlier in life will no longer suit you. Revisit this process, or else you’ll stagnate.

As for me – hmm, I’m gonna munch on a cannoli while I ponder these topics…


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