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10 Steps of CSI Analyses – What is that statistician doing?!?

 Is there a business out there that is not listening to the Voice of their Customer, and using that knowledge to guide improvements? Probably not! But how do you know what actions to take?  It’s crucial to allocate resources efficiently, so you want to know where to focus your efforts!  Sure, you can conduct aContinue Reading

The Inside Scoop on the Birth of the JD Power CSI

We all know about the JD Power CSI – you can’t shop for a car or visit a bank without seeing it. It is deployed across many industries, worldwide.  Its influence is enormous, and rightly so: the guidance CSI provides enables organizations to allocate their efforts to improve based on Voice of the Customer science. Continue Reading

Lessons from Dr. Frankenstein on product testing

All Dr. Frankenstein wanted to do was create a human being. His goal wasn’t so different from that of the Marketer who just wants to mimic the “current product” with a “reformulation”. But oh my, Dr. Frankenstein’s “reformulation” didn’t work out so well. What will you do to ensure a better outcome, when your Brand’sContinue Reading

Type 1 vs. Type 2 Error – Can you tell them apart?

        Oh, it’s a scary world out there! Around a campfire in a dark forest, late at night, we researchers shock each other by telling stories about what happens when statistics run amok. Let’s ensure you don’t fall prey to some treacherous errors. Measurement is imprecise, so we use statistical testing toContinue Reading

Why They Buy: Straightforward Tools to Find Key Drivers

Why do we buy what we buy?  Why on earth would anyone buy the infamous leg lamp (from the movie, A Christmas Story)? If you don’t know what motivates someone to buy your product, how can you market it effectively?  Next time you conduct a survey, plan ahead to use some of these are classicContinue Reading

11 Steps to Measuring Customer Loyalty

Is your CEO breathing down you neck about building and keeping your customers?  You’re not alone.  In today’s world where Customer Relationship Management is paramount, most businesses are measuring customer loyalty as part of their CRM and continuous improvement processes. If you are embarking on such a journey, these are some key considerations. 1. BeginContinue Reading

How do you know how to price?

How do you optimize your product pricing? It’s a hot topic, because pricing is so dynamic these days.  There are many approaches; one is to use custom research (as opposed to syndicated data analyses) to assess price sensitivity and calculate price elasticities.   Here’s a summary of  tools, and criteria to use in selecting the oneContinue Reading

What does AMA-LA have to say about Big Data?

Feeling a bit bewildered and breathless when it comes to Big Data? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! Big Data is characterized by volume, velocity, and variety: it describes the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, which is so large that it’s difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques.     A group ofContinue Reading

Roving Researcher

Deploy Dr. Nufer as your “research ambassador”! International marketing research is often necessary in a global economy, but it is difficult to do well, and risky.  You need to be sure your international research will achieve its objectives, and deliver the knowledge needed to drive your business decisions.  Dr. Nufer can provide on-the-scene management toContinue Reading


We’ve been busy and we would like to share the good news! We are always seeking better ways to provide excellent service to our clients through our continuous improvement process, and here’s our latest accomplishment: Nufer Marketing Research, Inc. has been named 1 of 52 companies to be certified as a Platinum Woman-owned business, basedContinue Reading