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Time to shape up! How to build your mental strength

The four C’s of mental toughness are control, commitment, challenge, and confidence. Mentally strong people have a sense of empowerment and control over their lives.  They are committed themselves and what they do. They view difficult times as challenges to overcome and have confidence in themselves.  Sounds admirable – but how to get there? Here’sContinue Reading

Charting your Purpose in Life

        Ciao, Amici! A summer in Italy changes one’s perspective – how can one possibly spend time among people who really know how to savor life without asking the big questions…..such as…. “How do I find fulfillment and meaning in life?” It’s a question that the thoughtful person wrestles with, not justContinue Reading

Psychology you can use: Scolding scalds!

Psychology you can use: Scolding scalds!

Scolding scalds and steam burns – when you lose your cool, let off steam, scold and yell at your kids, it damages everyone.  Here’s a better way.   Parents might be not be spanking anymore, but yelling seems to be increasing, and that is not good: yelling doesn’t help, and it has long-lasting negative impacts onContinue Reading

Psychology in Action: 4 Steps to Being More Creative

These tips might help you the next time you are seeking a creative solution to an issue. Psychology Today cites 4 steps, proven by research – see the full article for the references and a little more detail.  One of these studies is from the Journal of Consumer Research, and actually says that providing theContinue Reading

Which are You, a Fox or Hedgehog? 2 Cognitive Styles and How to Market to Them.

      Hedgehog or Fox as Forecaster- Which are you? In Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman cites Philip Tetlock, blasting the idea that experts are particularly good forecasters. His analyses of top-notch portfolio managers demonstrate his theory that luck, and the interplay of many variables, make it impossible for even experts to do betterContinue Reading

Psychology in Action: 6 Ways to Boost your Memory

The UCLA magazine has an interesting quick read on how to learn better, covering work by the Psychology Department’s R Bjork.  Yes, this is a shameless plug for the Psych department where I earned my Ph.D. In a nutshell (or cranium as the case may be): Space the learning.  Don’t try to cram it inContinue Reading

Who knew? Exercise improves mental functioning and mood in young people

A review of 14 studies by a Dutch team of researchers confirms: kids who get more exercise get better grades and test scores on a wide array of measures of cognitive performance: general thinking and memory, but also specifically on math and language.  The reason why isn’t clear, but might be because physical activity stimulatesContinue Reading

Today’s Cooking Lesson: Making Luck

Julia Child is a fabulous example of someone who made her own luck, and while most of us may not match her in the kitchen, making our own luck is a skill we can all master. There is much to be said for being alert to life’s possibilities, resilient and flexible in the face ofContinue Reading

What Flattery Can Do For Your Brand

Marketing the rational benefits of a product may persuade a potential customer on a conscious level but persuade that customer on a “gut level” and the conviction will last.  Flattery can reach this unconscious level and create persistent positive feelings in the customer towards your product.  This is the topic of Andrew O’Connell’s post “WhyContinue Reading