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New Product Development – 3 Critical Variables

In today’s WSJ, there is an article about new product development, written by a team of McKinsey and MIT professionals. The authors analyzed new product development activity in 28 companies in North America and Europe, and report these 3 things that those with the best product development records do differently than less successful companies. Tellingly,Continue Reading

How Shoppers Evaluate Products

The tightening of household budgets influences how much gets spent and on what. The necessities like food and household supplies are clearly being re-negotiated as people seek to economize. For many shoppers, the complex matrix that goes into deciding whether to buy or not is changing, the valence associated with these factors is shifting andContinue Reading

Line Synergy Evaluator

WHAT IS IT FOR? The Line Synergy Evaluator enables clients to select the particular set of items in a line that will maximize the line’s penetration, using TURF.  TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis was developed by media researchers in order to maximize unduplicated audience reach and frequency and so, optimize use of clients’Continue Reading

Reformulation Opportunity Analysis Optimizes Product Formulation

Nufer Marketing Research, Inc. has often applied Reformulation Opportunity Analysis to give clients valuable, cost effective guidance on product formulation decisions such as: Product improvements                Outperforming competitive benchmarks              Cost reductions WHAT IS IT? Reformulation Opportunity Analysis is a valuable tool to guide product development. Results indicate which changes in product dimensions have the greatest potentialContinue Reading