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Business Acquisition Evaluations: the role of marketing research

There’s a well-known path people travel from first becoming aware of a product to becoming a loyal buyer. When we work with our M&A and Private Equity clients, we start by examining this Pathway to Purchase together, to determine where along it our custom research would have the greatest impact on this business opportunity. ThenContinue Reading

Today’s Carpentry Lesson: Building a Virtuous Spiral

MAY 11 210 This week’s post speaks to Retailers. We know there’s a strong correlation between the work environment retail employees experience and key store metrics such as customer loyalty. An article in the May 2010 digital edition of Progressive Grocer succinctly updates this with a report based on SUPERVALU’s work with its Independent Retailers.Continue Reading

Five Steps Local Retailers Can Take to Build a More Valuable Customer Base

Bricks and mortar Retailers benefit from customized marketing research to optimize the way their store serves their target market. Research enables the Retailer to invest efficiently and effectively in actions that will leverage strengths, speak to correctable weaknesses, and enhance performance in the market. These are some steps a local Retailer can take. Some ofContinue Reading