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Trends for 2013: Evolution of cross channel marketing

In 2013 we’re seeing the maturation and evolution of new forms of communication: the integration of three trends, to create a richer, differentiating, relationship with brands. Gamification – encouraging a closer relationship with customers by providing rewards for interaction with the Brand. Content marketing – providing additional material with the goal of building interest, affiliation,Continue Reading

Changes in Grocery Shopping Patterns Driven by Demo’s and Technology

There’s a dramatic shift underway in the way we buy groceries, driven by the shift in dominance from Baby Boomers to Millenials, and the upsurge in mobile technology.  Implications for the grocery industry: expect even less loyalty to channels and brands than we have today. Shifting demographics: Progressive Grocer cites the shift from Baby BoomersContinue Reading

Back to the Lab: Neurosciences’ Contribution to Evaluating Ads and Programming

Last week I attended the SoCal MRA Entertainment Research Forum titled Product Placement, Sponsorship Integration, and Advertising Effectiveness.  The 4 speakers represented various facets of the entertainment and research industries.  What was particularly interesting is the continued investment in a neuroscientific approach to understanding advertising and programming effectiveness.  This is captivating to me, since myContinue Reading

Manufacturers’ Actions Fight the Tide of Private Label Share Gains

Over the course of this deep recession, private label sales have grown substantially over 2008 (+2%) and 2009 (+1.1%), but may be stabilizing in 2010 as reported in today’s Ad Age article, at about 13.8% in household/psl goods.  Jack Neff, the author, makes the point that Brands will have difficulty recovering share lost to privateContinue Reading

THE PRICE IS RIGHT: Using the van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Analysis to Help Set Price

Nufer Marketing Research has used the van Westendorp model for a number of clients across a range of industries to give them pricing counsel.  WHAT IS IT? The van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Analysis (PSA) determines a range of acceptable prices and an optimal price point based on an analysis of price/value ratings obtained from consumers. Continue Reading