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“Gemba, 1,2,3” – 3 Steps to conducting a Gemba

Gemba 1, 2, 3 … While this may sound like steps from my cha cha class, it’s actually a description of the three-step process used to implement a Gemba. A Gemba is an innovative market research tool used at the start of the new product development process.  It helps Marketers identify need gaps and “painContinue Reading

Which are You, a Fox or Hedgehog? 2 Cognitive Styles and How to Market to Them.

      Hedgehog or Fox as Forecaster- Which are you? In Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman cites Philip Tetlock, blasting the idea that experts are particularly good forecasters. His analyses of top-notch portfolio managers demonstrate his theory that luck, and the interplay of many variables, make it impossible for even experts to do betterContinue Reading

Today’s Cooking Lesson: Making Luck

Julia Child is a fabulous example of someone who made her own luck, and while most of us may not match her in the kitchen, making our own luck is a skill we can all master. There is much to be said for being alert to life’s possibilities, resilient and flexible in the face ofContinue Reading

Line Synergy Evaluator

WHAT IS IT FOR? The Line Synergy Evaluator enables clients to select the particular set of items in a line that will maximize the line’s penetration, using TURF.  TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis was developed by media researchers in order to maximize unduplicated audience reach and frequency and so, optimize use of clients’Continue Reading

THE PRICE IS RIGHT: Using the van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Analysis to Help Set Price

Nufer Marketing Research has used the van Westendorp model for a number of clients across a range of industries to give them pricing counsel.  WHAT IS IT? The van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Analysis (PSA) determines a range of acceptable prices and an optimal price point based on an analysis of price/value ratings obtained from consumers. Continue Reading

Reformulation Opportunity Analysis Optimizes Product Formulation

Nufer Marketing Research, Inc. has often applied Reformulation Opportunity Analysis to give clients valuable, cost effective guidance on product formulation decisions such as: Product improvements                Outperforming competitive benchmarks              Cost reductions WHAT IS IT? Reformulation Opportunity Analysis is a valuable tool to guide product development. Results indicate which changes in product dimensions have the greatest potentialContinue Reading