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How do you know how to price?

How do you optimize your product pricing? It’s a hot topic, because pricing is so dynamic these days.  There are many approaches; one is to use custom research (as opposed to syndicated data analyses) to assess price sensitivity and calculate price elasticities.   Here’s a summary of  tools, and criteria to use in selecting the oneContinue Reading

Business Acquisition Evaluations: the role of marketing research

There’s a well-known path people travel from first becoming aware of a product to becoming a loyal buyer. When we work with our M&A and Private Equity clients, we start by examining this Pathway to Purchase together, to determine where along it our custom research would have the greatest impact on this business opportunity. ThenContinue Reading

“Gemba, 1,2,3” – 3 Steps to conducting a Gemba

Gemba 1, 2, 3 … While this may sound like steps from my cha cha class, it’s actually a description of the three-step process used to implement a Gemba. A Gemba is an innovative market research tool used at the start of the new product development process.  It helps Marketers identify need gaps and “painContinue Reading

What does AMA-LA have to say about Big Data?

Feeling a bit bewildered and breathless when it comes to Big Data? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! Big Data is characterized by volume, velocity, and variety: it describes the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, which is so large that it’s difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques.     A group ofContinue Reading

What Gembas Can Do for Your New Product Development Process

Never heard of Gembas? If you are responsible for New Product Development – please read on! This term refers to a technique for understanding how work is getting done (in order to identify ways to improve the process). Today we use the Gemba technique as a starting point in the New Product Development process. ToContinue Reading

Which are You, a Fox or Hedgehog? 2 Cognitive Styles and How to Market to Them.

      Hedgehog or Fox as Forecaster- Which are you? In Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman cites Philip Tetlock, blasting the idea that experts are particularly good forecasters. His analyses of top-notch portfolio managers demonstrate his theory that luck, and the interplay of many variables, make it impossible for even experts to do betterContinue Reading

Roving Researcher

Deploy Dr. Nufer as your “research ambassador”! International marketing research is often necessary in a global economy, but it is difficult to do well, and risky.  You need to be sure your international research will achieve its objectives, and deliver the knowledge needed to drive your business decisions.  Dr. Nufer can provide on-the-scene management toContinue Reading

Trends for 2013: Evolution of cross channel marketing

In 2013 we’re seeing the maturation and evolution of new forms of communication: the integration of three trends, to create a richer, differentiating, relationship with brands. Gamification – encouraging a closer relationship with customers by providing rewards for interaction with the Brand. Content marketing – providing additional material with the goal of building interest, affiliation,Continue Reading

Psychology in Action: 6 Ways to Boost your Memory

The UCLA magazine has an interesting quick read on how to learn better, covering work by the Psychology Department’s R Bjork.  Yes, this is a shameless plug for the Psych department where I earned my Ph.D. In a nutshell (or cranium as the case may be): Space the learning.  Don’t try to cram it inContinue Reading

Changes in Grocery Shopping Patterns Driven by Demo’s and Technology

There’s a dramatic shift underway in the way we buy groceries, driven by the shift in dominance from Baby Boomers to Millenials, and the upsurge in mobile technology.  Implications for the grocery industry: expect even less loyalty to channels and brands than we have today. Shifting demographics: Progressive Grocer cites the shift from Baby BoomersContinue Reading